Take it from our clients

“Stephen represented me in a divorce where my husband took and spent marital assets while the case was pending in violation of an asset restraining order, tried to hide his bonus income and refused to turn over the documents we needed. Stephen was great! I received every penny I was entitled to and two separate attorney fee awards. I am unable to work and Stephen obtained the spousal support and life insurance I need to be financially secure. I was so upset during the process at the things my husband was doing but Stephen reassured me and came through for me. My ex-husband is voluntarily paying the attorney fees he owes me. He does not want to deal with Stephen ever again. I have recommended him and I would recommend him to anyone. I give Stephen 10 stars.”

– Lois

“Stephen Bedor represented me in a high conflict divorce and custody fight. Mr. Bedor was my second attorney after my first attorney went on maternity leave. I wish Stephen had been my attorney from the beginning. He really stood up for me. Stephen showed strong moral values and really cared about me and my children. He was very honest and upfront with me while helping me see the reality of my situation. He aggressively pursued assets my husband tried to hide. His strong attention to detail led him to catch my husband making false statements at trial. He also was an excellent life coach, setting me up with an excellent vocational expert to assist me in getting into the career path I needed to support my family after being a stay at home mother. He helped me get the support I needed to set me up for financial independence. I will be eternally grateful for the assistance Stephen gave me and I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody fight.”

- Megan M

“Stephen Bedor represented me in a highly contested divorce and restraining order case. I just wanted to take the time to tell anyone who is interested in using Mr. Bedor how happy I am with the outcome of everything. I got pretty much exactly what I wanted the day I walked into his office. I have Mr. Bedor to thank. Mr. Bedor was able to have the restraining order dismissed after a two-day hearing. In the divorce he obtained the time I wanted with the children. I knew I would be paying spousal support and Mr. Bedor negotiated a very favorable settlement on this issue.

I had substantial and complicated assets to deal with. Mr. Bedor obtained a very favorable financial settlement. He did so without being nasty and while preserving a working relationship between myself and my ex-wife.

I have dealt with lawyers before on a variety of issues. Mr. Bedor is the best lawyer I've ever encountered. Mr. Bedor is a truly great attorney and he should be proud of what he accomplished in my case. He deserves every penny of what I paid him.”

- Brody C.

“My husband is in the military and stationed out of state and I have a daughter from a previous relationship. I wanted to move out of state to be with my husband but the father of my daughter hired an attorney to prevent me from moving out of state with my daughter. My first attorney wanted to give up. I changed attorneys and hired Mr. Bedor. Mr. Bedor fought for me and was able to obtain an order allowing me to move to Fort Lewis, Washington, so I could join my husband. I can't thank him enough. My husband has over 3 years left in his enlistment and without Mr. Bedor we would have had to spend the entire time living in different states. Thank you Steve.”

- Melissa

“I am active duty in the Army and I am stationed in Florida. My wife took my daughter and moved to Oregon while I was at work. I was left with very few options and my wife was getting her lawyer to make me sign things that I did not understand.

I contacted Mr. Bedor and told him my problem. He took my case and was able to get my wife's lawyer to dismiss the case in Oregon and have it moved to Florida. Mr. Bedor was able to do this without using the entire amount of the retainer that I had put down for him. He cared more about justice for me as a father and a member of the armed services than he did for spending a lot of money on needless things. He knew that I was going to need that money in Florida so he was careful with what he did.

If you need results quickly and you want someone who really does care about your rights as a father and a member of the military do not hesitate to contact Mr. Bedor.”

- Troy P.

“I came to Stephen after consultations with several other attorneys who just couldn't seem to wrap their brain around my case. Stephen helped me secure a settlement with all the stipulations I wanted, including full custody of my children, without the expense of taking our case before the judge. I have come back to him each time an issue has come up with my ex-wife, and I have always felt glad to have him on my side. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stephen to anyone undergoing a divorce, child support or custody matter. He is excellent.”

- Will W.

“I live in Seattle and needed a trusted attorney in the state of Oregon. Mr. Bedor represented me on two difficult occasions and we won on both counts. Mr. Bedor showed high character and integrity. I would recommend him highly.”

- Tom M.

“My experience with Stephen Bedor & his staff was very positive, kind and constructive considering the potential negativity of a divorce/custody proceeding. Stephen helped me seek solutions that protect the custody and well-being of my infant child, and his counsel afforded me the gift of having my life return to normal. Stephen guided me in finding common ground wherever appropriate, but was always on my side and prepared to aggressively litigate when necessary. Stephen acted as an advocate, guide and protector, during one of the most difficult times of my life.

If you need a hero, if you really need someone who will stand by you and do the absolute right thing, then you need Stephen Bedor.”

- K.M.

“Stephen took over my child custody case after over a year with another attorney. The opposing counsel had managed to have the case set back numerous times. Not only did attorney Bedor take us to trial, but he gained more for me in the case than the previous attorney I had retained and given me cause to believe I could win. He handled the case wonderfully, giving me reassurance when needed. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Stephen.

His staff was wonderful and kept the lines of communication open. They took every opportunity to make this case easier on me and my son. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone.”

- J. Richardson

“I initially came to Mr. Bedor with the expectation of finding a competent and qualified person to aggressively pursue my concerns regarding my divorce, including custody of my two children. Like anybody, I had hoped to find that combination of a Perry Mason and a Ben Matlock. My case had many difficulties and I was concerned that most attorneys would either view my situation as too difficult or give me false expectations in an effort to secure a retainer.

During my initial consultation Mr. Bedor listened to my concerns and asked direct questions as to what I expected. He explained my options clearly and his experience was immediately evident as he instantly drafted the required documentation and personally filed it the same day. My understanding about divorce was that it could be a lengthy and very costly process. Mr. Bedor provided options that allowed me to reduce my expenses without sacrificing my position. Mr. Bedor's knowledge and familiarity of the process allowed him to expedite my case and thereby further reduce my expenses and stress during a most difficult point in my life. I felt that every person within his office was truly concerned with my situation and motivated to do everything possible to help. It was not uncommon to receive a call in the evening from Mr. Bedor as he was working on different aspects of my case. I truly felt that he took every opportunity to be as prepared as possible for my case.

Mr. Bedor took the time to explain each step of the process and to prepare me as to what I should expect next. While the points of law can be very confusing and frustrating, I was comfortable that Mr. Bedor was equipped to react in my best interest at all times. During trial his skill and professionalism continuously proved invaluable as he repeatedly made opposing counsel appear unprepared and out of place. I was able to feel confident that I had the best representation available. Mr. Bedor was able to follow through on each of my initial concerns and secure a judgment that provided the outcome that I had sought.

I would recommend Mr. Bedor without reservation for anyone who is facing a situation that can potentially change the rest of your life and the lives of your children.

He will competently and aggressively pursue your best interest at all times.”

- Alex Shearer

“When I came to Stephen Bedor, I felt truly lost, having decided that divorce was the correct course of action for me, and for the sake of my 2 children. I had heard numerous horror stories of divorce and the seemingly unbearable situations that result for most modern-day fathers. Stephen helped me gain peace of mind as he led me through a discussion of alternate outcomes that could ensue specific to my situation. I was able to develop an invaluable reference point in establishing what my life might become as a result of divorce.

Throughout the entire process the opposing litigator seemed intent on twisting facts and using tricks to compromise my rights as a parent. Stephen applied considerable expertise in maintaining focus during interlawyer communication and court proceedings on the facts and my parental rights that helped consolidate the final outcome, which I considered to be very positive. It made me confident that I could continue to affect my parental role and a reasonable lifestyle for my children and me.

Nearing the end of my case Stephen cleverly addressed the subject of litigation fees to the judge at the very last moment, which forced opposing counsel to reveal their hidden intentions. This could have cost me a lot of money if it weren't addressed properly and I praise him for looking out for my best interests to the very last word in what was a long and stressful court proceeding.”

- S.G.