In Oregon, alimony is determined by the needs of the dependent spouse and the earning capacity and ability to pay by the nondependent spouse. At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we have extensive experience representing men and women in divorce where spousal support, or alimony, is an issue.

Alimony Can Be Temporary, Periodic Or Even Permanent

Traditionally, Oregon courts have awarded the following types of alimony in a final divorce agreement:

  • Temporary alimony: the alimony that is paid during the divorce proceedings.

  • "Bridge the gap," also sometimes called "short-term" alimony: support paid to help the payee get back on his or her feet.

  • Rehabilitative alimony: paid to a spouse to help finish his or her education or obtain the training or certification required to be able to effectively join the workforce

  • Permanent alimony: will be paid until an order terminating the alimony is issued through a post-divorce modification.

  • Durational alimony: the Oregon Legislature has also provided for another type of alimony that will allow for longer financial support in situations where permanent alimony is improper.

  • Modifiable alimony: can be changed if there is a substantial, involuntary change of circumstances to either party since the time of final judgment of divorce. There is also nonmodifiable alimony, which cannot be changed under any circumstances. This is agreed to during divorce proceedings by both parties.

Determining The Right Type Of Spousal Support In Your Situation

Alimony, also called spousal support or spousal maintenance, is one factor that must be handled in any divorce, including uncontested and contested divorces. At our firm, we also have extensive experience involving high-asset divorce and spouses with minimal means. We know how to analyze your situation to determine which type of alimony is right for you.

Alimony is determined, in part, by the earning capacity of the dependent spouse. Factors considered are the education, length of time out of the workplace, any vocational skills, child care needs and many other statutory factors that could affect the dependent spouse's ability to earn income. The type of alimony awarded also depends upon the length of the marriage, age and health of the parties, and the ability of one spouse to pay for the other spouse.

An Experienced Alimony Attorney Can Make All The Difference

Unlike child support issues, Oregon judges have a great deal of discretion when it comes to awarding alimony. They may even base their decision not on the actual amount a spouse is earning but on his or her potential earnings.

In one case, we convinced the court that our client's spouse, earning $18,000 a year, could easily be making $30,000 and, within a few years, could be making $55,000. The result? Based on the testimony of an experienced vocational expert, the court decided in our favor; our client is paying significantly less in alimony than his spouse requested.

Experienced Spousal Support Attorney In Lake Oswego, Oregon

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