After working a lifetime, it is stressful to consider that hard-earned assets are on the line in divorce. Oregon is an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts state. What this means to you is that the division of property, including real estate, is not clear-cut. There are a number of factors the court can consider in determining property divisions.

As there is great uncertainty in having a court divide property among the parties, it is important to seek strong and knowledgeable counsel. We will help you negotiate an equitable distribution of your assets, debts and properties in a divorce, and in determining what is marital and nonmarital property.

Classifying Your Property

We will ask you a series of questions to determine if your property is classified as marital, nonmarital or commingled. Was the property, asset or debt acquired prior to the marriage? Can it still be identified or has it been so intertwined with marital assets or debts that it cannot be specifically identified? Is your property inherited? Is your property commingled? Is your property a business? Was this business formed during the marriage? Do you receive passive or active income from that business? What are the tax ramifications of the asset and debt division scheme?

Our team at the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor effectively represents men and women in property classification matters to determine how property should be divided in divorce.

Helping You Properly Value Your Assets And Debts

How much is it worth? What date do we use for valuation purposes? What about professional practices (such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants and architects)? What about pension plans and stock options? How much are valuable collections or artwork worth?

We know how to value the marital estate and family residence. In high-asset divorces, our legal team works with a network of experienced professionals and appraisers, as well as actuaries, real estate brokers, CPAs and other specialists to procure a fair valuation of all marital assets and debts. We handle property distribution cases of all sizes from smallholdings to million-dollar estates that feature multiple residences, businesses and investments.

Call Us To Have Your Questions Answered

Whether you are requiring asset and debt division assistance in your uncontested divorce or require strong representation in divorce litigation, our dedicated team can help you. We assist clients in all aspects of the equitable distribution of property, including real estate holdings, pension and retirement plans, stock options and collections.

Contact Stephen Bedor at 503-212-4878 to protect your interests at this difficult time, so you can begin the next chapter of your life on the best financial footing possible.