About 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Financial issues are among the top reasons that contribute to the breakup of marriages. With odds like that, it is often wise for couples to consider a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement. These agreements typically document the distribution of property should the marriage end in divorce. It will detail what happens to the pension or 401(k), who gets the real estate and business assets and how the investments will be divided.

Helping Oregon Couples Establish The Right Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are frequently considered in second marriages or in marriages in which there is a large discrepancy in income or assets between the two parties. By putting everything in writing, a prenuptial agreement can help avoid misunderstandings that can lead to conflict down the road. They can help defuse conflict in the extended family.

If there are adult children from a previous marriage, they may be concerned that the new spouse is marrying for money or will cut them out of an expected inheritance. A prenuptial agreement that explicitly details a couple's plans can set their minds at ease and remove a potential source of friction within the family.

If you have been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement, it is important to have the document reviewed by an attorney who is solely dedicated to representing your interests. Prenuptial agreements have long-term consequences that you need to fully understand.

Postnuptial agreements can help resolve financial issues that would otherwise cause stress and conflict in divorce. In the event of a future divorce, there is a strong public policy in favor of enforcing agreements, and a postnuptial agreement could aid in avoiding protracted, expensive litigation.

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