Fathers are extremely important to children. Not only can fathers provide essential emotional support, they can also provide financial support. Establishing paternity creates a legal bond between father and child. There are three main reasons to establish paternity:

  • Child support: Legal paternity formalizes a father's responsibility to provide child support.

  • Parenting rights: It makes it possible for the father to obtain child custody and parenting time with an appropriate court-ordered child custody and support plan. He may also gain legal custody, which gives him authority to make decisions about the child's medical care, welfare, religion and choice of schools.

  • Inheritance: Paternity also gives your child the legal right to inheritance.

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we can help you establish legal paternity. We represent both fathers and mothers in Lake Oswego and surrounding communities. We also help those who wish to dispute a claim of paternity.

How To Establish Legal Paternity

When a child's mother and biological father are not married, there are a number of ways paternity can be established. The easiest is for the birth father to voluntarily acknowledge paternity. This can be done in the hospital during the birth or later through an affidavit of paternity.

If the birth father chooses not to acknowledge paternity, you may choose to file a paternity lawsuit. All parties, including the mother, father and child, typically have a DNA test performed.

Disputing A Claim Or Seeking To Disestablish Paternity

We represent both fathers and mothers who wish to dispute a claim of paternity. If you have been served with a paternity suit, it is imperative you respond immediately. Contact us for a consultation about defense.

In some cases, fathers discover reasons to doubt their paternity even after legal paternity has been established. This could occur because the father was married to the child's mother or voluntarily acknowledged his paternity without a DNA test.

Paternity law is quite complex. Consult with our qualified family law lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us or call 503-212-4878 or toll-free 877-611-6793 for a consultation with a skilled paternity rights attorney.