The Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor is knowledgeable and skilled in all modification procedures and can navigate you through this process. There is nothing more important than your child, and these modifications will greatly affect him or her. It is imperative to obtain a good family law lawyer who has the insight to present modifications to obtain a favorable outcome. Call attorney Stephen Bedor for an appointment to create proper development and presentation of the facts of your case to the court.

Learn more about modifications, enforcement and contempt; call our firm at 503-212-4878 or toll-free 877-611-6793. In Oregon, there are three major areas of a dissolution judgment that may be modified by the court: child custody and parenting time, child support and spousal support (alimony).

Child Custody And Parenting Time

Many circumstances may affect custody and parenting time. These conditions often change over time as it may become in the best interest of the child to change custody or to modify parenting time. We help men and women with requests to modify parenting time because of changes in work schedules, issues with the need for supervised child time-sharing or because of one parent's relocation out of state. Our office also promotes child custody modifications, including modifications based on abuse or neglect, or because of relocation issues.

Child Support

Child support may also be modified under the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. To be entitled to a modification under these guidelines, you must either show that there has been a substantial change in conditions or that it has been two years since child support has been previously modified. Stephen Bedor offers key insight to your judgment to determine if you may benefit from a modification of the child support. We can direct contempt actions.

Spousal Support

The court has the authority to modify a judgment for spousal support if there is a substantial change in circumstances. For example, if a party receiving spousal support has a substantial increase in income or has remarried or is living with someone who has a separate income, there may be grounds to reduce or eliminate spousal support. If there were a significant decrease or increase in the income or expenses of a party, these circumstances would justify modifying spousal support.

There are many factors pertaining to the ability to modify either spousal support or child support, including a change in income, retirement, or remarriage or cohabitation.

For additional information about post-divorce modifications, Oregon family laws or to discuss your particular situation, please schedule a confidential consultation by calling us at phone 503-212-4878 or toll-free 877-611-6793 or sending an email. We can explain your rights to you and protect your interests.