Military families face the same stressors during a divorce as civilian families do, but they often have to deal with additional complexities because of laws that apply to service personnel and because of the realities of military life.

We are proud to support members of the military, military spouses and military families in every way possible during divorce and other family conflicts. Contact Stephen Bedor, experienced military divorce and family law attorney at 503-212-4878 or toll-free at 877-611-6793. Let us resolve your military divorce and child custody issues, so you and your family can move on with the best financial foundation.

The Special Pay, Property And Pension Issues In Military Divorce

Attorney Stephen J. Bedor has more than 30 years of experience in legal practice, including divorce and military family law, and understands the special concerns of military divorce. For example, he can help you minimize any damage to your credit rating in order to protect your military security clearance.

Because of the structure of military pay, service members sometimes find themselves with their pay essentially reduced at the same time spousal and/or child support obligations are added. This is because a service member's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is calculated based on the number of his or her dependents. When a dependent spouse is taken out of the equation, your BAH may go down. We can ensure the court clearly understands how your pay will be affected by the divorce, so that property division and support calculations are made correctly.

Under Oregon divorce law, marital property and debts are to be divided "equitably" between the divorcing spouses, although not necessarily 50-50. In a military divorce between Oregon residents, the rule is similar, although military family law requires that distribution of marital property and assets to be done using what is called a "qualified domestic relations order" or "QDRO." We can help you with the proper division of:

  • The family residence, vacation property and other real estate, even in a declining real estate market

  • Cars, trucks and recreational vehicles

  • Private and military pensions, 401(k) plans and other retirement accounts

  • Other military benefits

Military pensions must be appropriately addressed in any dissolution judgment. If not, military pensions and related survivor benefits could result in a reduction of your monthly benefit, or termination of that benefit upon the death of the service member. The pension benefit is frequently the largest asset in a military divorce. Ensure your pension benefits are not compromised. Mr. Bedor has practical experience dealing with military pensions in divorce proceedings.

Child Custody Issues During and After a Military Divorce

For members of the armed forces, child custody and parenting time arrangements can become challenging due to frequent relocations. We can prepare a system to resolve these issues well in advance. Whether you are awarded primary custody or have a joint custody arrangement, your parenting plan can be arranged so it does not become an ongoing source for conflict.

Our mission is to protect your rights, promote the best interests of your children and make sure you are treated fairly. Contact us at 503-212-4878 or toll-free at 877-611-6793, or send us an email for a confidential consultation with Stephen Bedor, a qualified military divorce and family law attorney. Our team is well-versed in all types of military divorce and child custody, including those where a service member is living or serving in active duty in another state or abroad.