Mediation is another popular option for divorce. While many cases need to go to trial, but often trial may be avoided through mediation, saving time and money. As a divorce mediation attorney, Stephen Bedor can walk clients through the process. We have seen how a team approach can resolve divorce concerns without the stress and expense of litigation. We will work closely with you to ensure your interests are protected during the process.

Advising Clients Seeking A Kinder, Gentler Approach To Divorce Through Mediation Or The Collaborative Divorce Process

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) used to help parties settle their divorce outside of court. It is generally less expensive because the parties "agree to agree." We prefer to work with private mediators, as most are retired judges or retired family law practitioners. They already have the legal background to bring more to the mediation table. During the process, you meet with your spouse and chosen mediator. Each spouse is allowed to bring legal counsel and various documents. At any moment, either party is allowed to walk away from the negotiations. It could take as long as five hours to five days. At the end of a productive mediation, you can walk out with a legal marital settlement agreement that will become part of your final divorce decree. This agreement will include all matters pertaining to your divorce, including:

Your Lawyer's Role In Divorce Mediation

We will present your story to better help the other side understand your goals and position. We can advise you as to what result you could potentially obtain in court.

If anything offered in mediation is what you could get in court or better, we will advise you to accept this offer. If we believe the offer is not in your best interests, we will tell you as much and suggest we pursue better terms in court. It is always your decision as to which route you want us to take on your behalf. All exchanges in mediation are confidential settlement negotiations and cannot be used against you should you need to go to court.

Mediation might be a good option for some couples, but there are reasons to try the collaborative approach. At mediation, each partner has to come to the table and speak for himself or herself at a really emotional time, and sometimes there's an imbalance of knowledge or power. If you don't have your attorney at the table to protect you, the mediation can be very tricky.

Mediation Versus Collaborative Divorce Process

In contrast to mediation, in which divorcing couples entrust a resolution to a single neutral mediator, collaborative divorce involves the use of attorneys for each party, often joined by other expert consultants. But the clients and lawyers pledge from the onset to work together in crafting an outcome that is fair to all. If clients in a dispute are looking for an honorable peace, not war, attorney Stephen Bedor can be just as zealous about seeking a peaceful divorce settlement as victory in a courtroom. However, if either side decides to go to court, they must find new attorneys.

When your main concern is the welfare of children, a fair and peaceful divorce settlement or concluding a very difficult time in your life, contact Stephen Bedor for a private consultation to see if these options are right for you.

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