At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we understand the stress and difficulty involved in a divorce and other family law problems. We also know that the associated financial costs can be difficult to bear.

As part of our dedication and determination to achieve the best possible solution for our clients regardless of their economic circumstances, we strive to manage costs. We can discuss costs when considering the available options for resolving issues.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Lake Oswego divorce attorney. In addition to choosing the most efficient and affordable methods possible to end your marriage or solve other family law issues, we offer a flat fee for our services.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney

While it is difficult to estimate the exact costs involved in seeking a divorce, generally speaking, a divorce without conflict is less expensive than a contested divorce by nature of the fact that the important issues have been resolved by the parties involved.

However, managing costs when these issues are not agreed upon is still possible by choosing less expensive alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law or mediation. Mediation provides the opportunity for divorcing spouses, or parents disputing over custody issues, to explain their interests and concerns and listen to those of the other in a nonadversarial environment, with the goal of ultimately finding a solution.

Collaborative law is more of a negotiation; the parties work together to create a divorce settlement with the assistance of their attorneys.

In some situations, however, litigation is simply unavoidable. In these cases, the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor makes every effort to communicate openly regarding the costs associated with each aspect of preparing for trial. In an effort to manage the costs of going to trial, we will act efficiently in the course of building a case on your behalf.

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Whether mediation, collaborative law or traditional litigation is the best option for resolution, we will work with you to manage costs in the pursuit of a less expensive divorce. Contact our Beaverton uncontested divorce lawyer today at 503-212-4878.