Now, unmarried and same-sex couples can register as domestic partners and obtain many — although not all — of the benefits enjoyed by married couples, including:

  • Inheritance rights

  • Child custody rights and child-rearing responsibilities

  • Joint health, auto and homeowners insurance policies

  • Health care decision-making for partners

  • Visitation rights at hospitals

Experienced Assistance With Domestic Partnerships

Those who enter into domestic partnerships also have serious legal obligations to each other. Should the relationship end, the partnership must be legally dissolved in a process similar to a divorce. Before entering into a domestic partnership agreement, you should consult an attorney and understand the financial consequences of a domestic partnership.

Attorney Stephen J. Bedor has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in all family law matters. Our firm represents clients who would like to establish domestic partnerships, as well as those with legal concerns about the enforcement of their rights as domestic partners or the dissolution of the partnerships. Our services include:

We are well-versed in Oregon's domestic partnership statute and keep on top of recent developments and case law.

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