Seeking a divorce from your spouse may be one of the most difficult things you do in your life, especially if you have spent your marriage without a voice of your own.

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we recognize the signs of controlling or narcissistic behavior in a spouse, and our commitment is to provide compassionate and sound legal counsel that seeks only your best interests. For more than 30 years, Stephen J. Bedor has served our neighbors in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, and we can assist you at this difficult time.

Recognizing A Controlling Spouse

Living with a spouse who manipulates, berates or abuses you has likely left you unsure of yourself and perhaps even frightened about what may happen if you leave. Your spouse may tell you that you do not need legal assistance because he or she will handle the details for you. We have seen this before, and in many cases, their goal is to further diminish the rights of their spouse whose freedom is already limited, for example:

  • You have no say in the management of the household finances.

  • Your time with your friends and family is limited and controlled.

  • Your spouse has threatened to take your children from you.

  • You fear violence even if your spouse has never physically harmed you.

These are only a few ways in which you may feel intimidated by a spouse. If you have shared your intention to divorce, you may see additional disturbing behavior, such as pushing you into a one-sided settlement, stalling the divorce process or cutting off your finances completely. It is critical that you take steps to protect yourself and your future. Attorney Stephen J. Bedor can help you establish boundaries and move forward with confidence.

Let Us Work To Achieve A Positive Outcome For You

Because people with this personality type do not easily relinquish control — even after a divorce — it is imperative that your divorce settlement is thorough and precise, leaving nothing open to interpretation. Your spouse may attempt to continue manipulating you even after you are no longer married, so having a strong legal advocate on your side will improve your chances that the divorce will be a change for the better.

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