On behalf of Stephen Bedor of Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor posted in child custody on Friday, February 15, 2019. 

Child custody disputes can get out of hand, and occasionally, they can put others in danger. Sometimes, cases are complicated, and this can result in many conflicts.

Take, for example, a tragic story about a man who was killed after enrolling his child into a middle school without his ex-wife's permission. According to the story, the Army veteran, 30, came to the middle school when the school called to say that a custody dispute was occurring. They also informed the school's resource officer. The officer called a Eugene police officer to the scene as well for support.

When the man arrived at the school, the two officers ordered him to leave the building. The man was recorded telling them that the school principal asked him not to leave and that the officer did not have jurisdiction. One officer went on to push the man out of a door. They also announced that he was under arrest.

This story turned tragic when the man pulled out a gun to defend himself and shot twice at the school's officer. He returned fire and hit the father in the head, fatally wounding him. Unfortunately, children were present at the time and watched as the man was shot. This included the man's child.

It's not clear what prompted an altercation when the man was asked not to leave, but cases like this show how quickly custody disputes can turn into much more. If you and your ex-spouse have a dispute, consider working it out through custody mediation or other non-confrontational means.