On behalf of Stephen Bedor of Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor posted in alternative dispute resolution on Friday, October 12, 2018. 

You once were deeply in love with your spouse, but that love has turned acrimonious after finding out that they were committing adultery. You were hurt, but you tried to be the better person. Despite that, they seem to have gone out of their way to make your life more difficult. You just want to get a divorce, but they don't want to let go.

In your situation, which is not as uncommon as you may think, there are ways to work through disputes and to get your divorce moving forward. One of those possibilities is going through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution is a way of settling disputes between spouses or other parties without going to trial or through the process of litigation. It saves time and money, which is why many people turn to it for help.

Alternative dispute resolution procedures can involve binding and nonbinding actions, such as mediation or arbitration. You and your spouse can go through any of these proceedings, or all of these proceedings, if you'd like to avoid court and want to try to work together to resolve your dispute.

Why is alternative dispute resolution an option for divorcing couples?

The primary reason is that it offers you a way to come up with creative solutions to problems in your relationship. You may come up with unique custody arrangements for your children or unusual property division agreements. Alternative dispute resolution is guided by what you and your spouse feel is fair, which helps the process of divorce move along faster.