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How does a narcissist make divorce more difficult?

By the time you file for divorce, you’re probably already well aware of how difficult it is to live with your spouse. Not only do you wonder what went wrong or how you could’ve avoided your current situation, but you may also regret marrying them in the first place.

If you’ve been married to a narcissist you may be used to accepting responsibility for their faults, with their manipulation continually adding to your agony of parting ways. Your soon-to-be ex may intentionally try to put more blame on you for the troubles in your marriage, making it harder for you to leave.

3 ways narcissism may affect your divorce

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with a narcissist is their inability to feel empathy. So, no matter how your divorce breaks your heart, and regardless of how desperately you’ve tried to reconcile, your emotional needs aren’t likely to be recognized, let alone met.

Here are three ways this might affect you during your divorce:

  1. Your spouse likely sees him or herself as the only fit parent. If that is the case, they may drag out your child custody agreements in hopes of more favorable results and more time with the children.
  2. Negotiation may be out of the question, as they may have an overly-developed sense of what they’re entitled to.
  3. Adherence to court orders may not go well, as a narcissist might not recognize that the laws apply to them.

No matter the grievances your spouse has caused in your relationship, tension may only increase throughout your divorce process. But, with the appropriate support and guidance, you can rest assured that soon you’ll be free of the unnecessary drama they brought into your life.

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