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Effective co-parenting tips for after a divorce

A divorce can bring tensions and challenges to any family dynamic. For couples who are also co-parents, these challenges can’t get in the way of effective parenting after a divorce. Each family may deal with divorce in a unique way, but some common issues may arise when trying to co-parent with a former spouse.

Maintaining shared duties, civil communication, parenting time and consistency among households takes careful and thoughtful planning from parents. In order to work toward an effective co-parenting system, consider some advice from others who have been in this position.

Create and follow a parenting plan

First and foremost, former spouses can prepare for co-parenting duties through the creation of a parenting plan. Oregon law requires these plans in cases involving parenting time which means you and your former spouse must submit the plan to the court to ensure a plan meets the needs of the children involved.

No two families are the same, so no generic parenting plan template can effectively address the unique needs of your family. Each family can choose the level of detail in a parenting plan, but the more you include the fewer potential surprises may come up down the road.

A plan can dictate time division for holidays, routines for each household, rules for vacations, forms of communication and modification of any preset plans. Consistency is critically important when it comes to co-parenting in separate households. To mitigate potential future disputes, plan ahead with a comprehensive parenting plan.

Utilize digital resources

There’s an app for almost everything at this point, including shared parenting. Particularly for parents who struggle with communication skills, apps provide a focused platform for co-parenting concerns that casts aside outside issues.

Apps such as Our Family Wizard, 2Houses and Cozi provide a comprehensive outlet to manage co-parenting responsibilities all in one place. These services include expense reports, shopping lists, in-app messaging, shared calendars and other tools to keep the important elements of co-parenting in a unified location.

Effective, productive shared parenting can pose any number of challenges for former spouses, but it’s an important aspect of your child’s wellbeing. Determining child custody means finding what is best for the child. No matter the outside issues between co-parents, the most important thing is to remember that the child is always top priority. Give yourself and your family the best chance at a positive future by working to ensure the parenting dynamic meets your child’s needs at every turn.

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