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Concerned about child support? Keep this in mind

Many people believe the misconception that child support is supposed to go to the child alone. The reality is that child support doesn't only need to pay for the child's clothing or specific school items.

Child support is there to help give a child a better home, to provide money for extracurricular activities, to provide medical care and even to make sure that they have food and clothing. Some people argue that they do not want to pay the money to the other parent because they are worried about how it will be spent. On the whole, the most important thing is that the child is well-cared for. This means that they should be properly clothed, have enough to eat and have a shelter over their head in the form of an apartment or another safe dwelling.

Effective co-parenting tips for after a divorce

A divorce can bring tensions and challenges to any family dynamic. For couples who are also co-parents, these challenges can’t get in the way of effective parenting after a divorce. Each family may deal with divorce in a unique way, but some common issues may arise when trying to co-parent with a former spouse.

Maintaining shared duties, civil communication, parenting time and consistency among households takes careful and thoughtful planning from parents. In order to work toward an effective co-parenting system, consider some advice from others who have been in this position.

Help your kids adjust to divorce with these 3 simple tips

Divorces can hurt families in many ways other than just separating two parents. For children, the situation may feel like the end of all they've ever known. Teens may struggle to adjust to the changes they're going through with their parents while maintaining control over their own lives.

The good news is that parents can do things to reduce their children's struggles during divorce. From talking about the divorce to keeping children together, there are ways to reduce stress and maintain the family unit as much as possible.

3 tips for talking to your teen when you divorce

The teen years are hard enough without life-changing events, but when you find out that your parents are divorcing, that can be devastating. As a parent of a teen, you need to find an appropriate way to discuss the divorce and to help your teen understand your choices.

One of the issues with divorce when you have a teen is that they are likely to have their own opinion about the divorce and to vocalize them. You need to be prepared as a parent to listen and respond in a way that helps your situation and protects your relationship with your child.

Should you try mediation or arbitration?

There are two main forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration. Each has its own benefits, but they are slightly different in how they work.

If you have a dispute that you can't get through but you're willing to work toward a solution, alternative dispute resolution might be the right option for you. Here's a little more on how mediation and arbitration work.

What courts can (and can’t) consider in custody cases

Divorcing parents may have many worries regarding child custody. For one, they may be afraid that they might, for one reason or another, be at a disadvantage in custody proceedings. What can and can’t Oregon courts consider in child custody matters?

There are a variety of factors state law directs courts to look at when deciding what custody setup would be in the best interests of the child in question. This includes the emotional ties, relationship, interests and attitudes each of the parents has regarding the child. Also included is whether there is a history of domestic violence. Another factor to be considered (with some exceptions) is how willing each parent is to promote a strong relationship between the child and the other parent.

How to break up with a controlling partner

Ending a controlling relationship takes courage and preparation. Your partner may be manipulative, threatening, prone to emotional outbursts or all the above. You know you won’t be able to move on with your life until you make the break. Here are a few steps to help you remove yourself from the situation:

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