Divorce does not need to be an overly expensive and drawn-out experience. While divorce will never be easy, you do have options. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) helps parties resolve family law issues without the cost and expense associated with courtroom litigation. It also puts you in control of the process. Our experienced legal team in Lake Oswego will help you explore your choices.

Your Options For A More Civilized, Efficient Divorce

At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we can provide experienced representation and advice using alternative dispute resolution, including:

Mediation: Couples work together with a trained mediator to resolve divorce and family law issues, including child custody and parenting time, child support, alimony or spousal support and division of property. The mediator does not decide the issue but works to build consensus between the two parties. If an agreement cannot be reached through mediation, the case can go to arbitration or to court. Attorney Stephen J. Bedor prepares clients thoroughly for the mediation process.

Collaborative law: This approach expands on the concept of divorce mediation by asking all participants to commit to resolving disputes through negotiation and compromise, not courtroom trials. Each party is represented by a collaborative law attorney. Other professionals, including mediators and financial advisors, can be consulted to help resolve issues. If either side decides to go to court, they must find new attorneys.

Arbitration: If the two parties cannot agree on issues such as division of marital assets, the court can order the case to arbitration or the couple can elect to go to arbitration. Child custody and parenting time issues can be mediated, not arbitrated. An arbitrator, not a judge, hears arguments from both sides and decides the outcome. Arbitration can be faster and less expensive than courtroom litigation.

Get In Touch With An Attorney For Guidance

If you think this might be a process for your divorce, please visit our links to: mediation and collaborative law or divorce without conflict. At the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, we can discuss these options with you to decide is this the right path for your situation. Call 503-212-4878 or email the Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor. From our convenient office location at 4248 Galewood Street, we represent clients throughout the Portland area.