Supporting Business Owners During Divorce

The Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor understands that in addition to personal upheaval, divorce has also affected your business. If you fear your business is on the line, you want a skilled legal professional to provide comprehensive divorce representation that will protect your rights and interests.

Oregon law dictates that marital property includes all contributions to your family's common good. The income you and your spouse earn, the appreciation of investments and the profit from your business may fall under this category. These are subject to equitable distribution. If you are committed to preserving your business, having an attorney with experience in complex divorces is essential.

How Much Of Your Business Is Marital Property?

Even if you began your venture prior to your marriage, you may have unwittingly acted in ways that diminished your business's separation from your marital estate, making it more difficult to exclude your business from property division.

Some factors that we will examine to determine the amount of interest your spouse may claim in your business include the following:

  • Your spouse's level of involvement in running the business
  • Your spouse's financial contribution to the operations
  • Whether your spouse received a paycheck from the company
  • Whether your spouse's name is on the documents of incorporation
  • Whether your spouse's signature is on contracts, invoices, business loans or other critical documents
  • Whether you signed a prenuptial agreement concerning the fate of the business

Even if it seems that your property holdings are hopelessly entangled with your spouse's, Stephen J. Bedor will help you build a strategy to protect your business. Our law firm works closely with reputable professionals in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, including these and others:

  • Real estate appraisers
  • Business valuators
  • Tax experts
  • Forensic accountants

You can be assured of our commitment to meeting your goals and working to preserve your business in the structure with which you are most comfortable.

Reach Out For Personalized Advice Concerning Your Divorce

You and your spouse may be able to achieve an agreeable solution through alternative dispute resolution. If this method of divorce is suitable for your situation, our lawyer will guide you through the process. However, we are always prepared to stand up for you and the success of your business if litigation is unavoidable.

Call 503-212-4878 or contact us online for an evaluation of your case, and we will explain what you can expect during your complex divorce. No matter where you live in the greater Portland area, we are here to assist you.