Divorce Without Conflict

Collaborative divorce. The term sounds like an oxymoron in divorce culture with high-cost, high-conflict divorce headlines. Yet, many couples are seeking this approach to find more civilized, efficient ways to end a marriage.

At Law Office of Stephen J. Bedor, a Civilized and Efficient Divorce Is Possible.

Stephen J. Bedor believes that "divorce without conflict is possible" if both parties are determined to set aside emotions to move on in their lives and want an equitable distribution of assets to preserve for themselves and their children. More importantly, it gives you control to determine what is in your best interests and of your children's, rather than letting a judge make those decisions. Collaborative divorce is appropriate when the parties have agreed on a number of issues and want a fast-track divorce.

In order for the collaborative divorce to work, both parties and their attorneys must be committed to the process. The principle behind this process is to engage professionals who are impartial, rather than advocating for one party or the other, and have everyone committed to reaching a fair, reasonable agreement.

The collaborative divorce includes all usual issues such as child custody, child parenting time, alimony/spousal support, etc.

There is the downside. If both parties decide to go to court, they must hire other attorneys. This could escalate costs for you. The other attorneys need to take the time to review everything over again, and familiarize themselves with you and issues important to you.

So, before deciding if this path is right for you, please make an appointment with Stephen Bedor who has over 30 years' experience helping his clients make the right decisions.

For more information about an out-of-court settlement, or if this is in your best interests, contact us or make an appointment with Stephen Bedor at 503-212-4878.

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