High-Asset Divorce

Lake Oswego High-Asset Divorce Lawyer Assisting With Division of Large and Complex Marital Estates in Oregon

The law is the same whether your marital estate is modest or sizeable. However, the larger the estate, the more complex it is to equitably divide assets and debts in a divorce or legal separation. It is also likely that division of highly valued assets will have tax implications and involve other areas of law.

If you have a large marital estate and are considering ending your marriage, it is extremely important to retain a lawyer who has successfully resolved the often complicated issue of property division involved in a high-asset divorce.

High-Profile Divorce

If you are afraid of having your divorce spread over multi-media, a collaborative divorce process might be the right choice. Its appeal is confidentiality and no court room drama. As an example, billionaire Roy Disney and his wife of 52 years chose a collaborative law divorce, avoiding the limelight.

For a confidential consultation with a sophisticated and savvy Lake Oswego high-asset divorce attorney, contact our law office via e-mail or call 503-212-4878.

Our Business Valuation Attorney Understands How Much Is at Stake in a High-Asset Divorce

At the Law Offices of Stephen J. Bedor, we are experienced in representing clients with complex marital estates that may include:

  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Multiple pensions, 401(k)s and other retirement plans
  • Stocks, stock options, bonds, mutual funds and other investments
  • Commissions and bonuses earned but not yet received
  • Businesses, partnerships and professional practices
  • Intellectual property
  • Collections of art, antiques or vehicles, including planes and yachts
  • International holdings

We will consider your asset portfolio as a whole and build a strategy that best suits your unique circumstances, whether that is through a mediated settlement, an agreement reached through the collaborative law process or resolution of contested issues at trial.

Help With Business Valuations and Real Estate Appraisals

In a high-asset divorce, business valuations performed by different experts can vary dramatically. Attorney Stephen J. Bedor understands the discounts that go into a business valuation and we work with a business evaluation expert who has credibility in the court.

We also work with respected real estate experts who can establish the value of complex real estate holdings, which is particularly important in a declining real estate market.

Contact Our Portland Asset and Property Division Lawyer

Some people stay in failed and miserable marriages because they believe their property holdings are just too complicated to untangle and divide. Don't let that happen to you.

To schedule a consultation, call the Law Offices of Stephen J. Bedor at 503-212-4878 or contact us via e-mail. From our new offices in Lake Oswego, Oregon, our Beaverton business valuation lawyer represents clients involved in high-asset divorces anywhere in the greater Portland area.

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